About Me

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants." Coco Chanel

Close your eyes and envision your ideal friend and companion. She is nothing less than classy, gracious and refined, characterized by a lively spirit and bubbly attitude. She is wise beyond her years yet youthful and doesn't take herself too seriously because life is too short!

Living in the moment is second nature to me. It's the only way to enjoy the one I'm with and feed the sparks and anticipation that build between us. Isn't that what relationships are all about? There is a light hearted, whimsical side to me as I tend to recognize the wittiness in most situations. This carefree attitude keeps me smiling and we just may find ourselves sharing a few laughs of our own.

Regular exercise keeps my body firm, toned and energetic. Mine is a classic, hour-glass figure sinuous in form with taut, and a derriere that will simply rapture you. I've been told that my lips are thick, succulent and irresistible. My skin is like warm, milk chocolate, soft, silky and waiting to be caressed. Think of the unforgettable moments we will create together!

As a career woman with diverse interests, I have a golden flair for fashion and accessories with a wardrobe to die for. I truly enjoy and take my time adorning myself in the finest ,  from lacy lingerie, to silk stockings and stilettos that contrast and compliment my delicious skin tone.

I am a woman who tends to form lasting connections and who doesn't take my relationships lightly. Because I am conscientious about looking after my man, you will feel incredibly comfortable and cared for in the arms of a lady who has a sixth sense for feeding the flow of your dreams.

I am quite sensual and not shy once we get comfortable. We just may get lost in each other! Stimulating our senses and satisfying our appetites is not meant to be limited to a narrow range of activities or even gender. When the occasion feels right to me, I do speak Greek.

A romantic trio will certainly catch my interest especially when there is chemistry between the three of us. I understand why a man is infatuated by the beauty and form of a woman's body and I partake in that interest!