If this will be our first time meeting, please use the booking form at the bottom of my Consideration page.

Friends I have already spent time with are welcome to email me directly at victoria.sloan@ymail.com

Anticipating your arrival, I hear you knock. The faint clicking of my heels resonates as I cross the room to open the door. You are taken aback by my radiant, charismatic smile, classic figure and smart, sexy appearance. My body presses into yours with a warm, passionate hug followed by a slow, timeless kiss like that of two lost lovers as any reservations you may have had are checked at the door.

I welcome you into my sensuous world lit by glowing candles, delicate floral scent and soft jazz in the background. Relaxation is instant as I take your coat and offer a glass of wine as we toast to our new friendship. Soon, we are chatting, laughing and feeling as though we've known each other forever.

Almost immediately, we quietly recognize an absolute attraction, an undeniable chemistry as our eyes lock. The mood is suddenly elevated by a feverish desire though it remains unspoken. Time is absent as we flirt with each other, touching, teasing, and just having a fabulous time.

When we finally meet in person, you will find that I am the sexy, playful, elegant and intelligent young lady whom I portray myself to be. The rest is up to us to determine and that is part of the thrill!